Auto-X: How to take a full circle?

Given that not many people seem to be on right now, I shall ask a question I meant to ask more than 2 years ago when I had no idea how Kinja/Oppo worked. You see, I made a bad MSpaint sketch, a decently silly set of paragraphs (now lost to a burner I’ve forgotten), and posted it to my personal page thinking it would go to the Oppo page *DOH*

I don’t think I can replicate the silliness of those paragraphs I wrote so I’ll keep it really simple this time: How would you take a full circle in Autocross?

Anything can be art.

See awful 2 year old (actually not drawn by a 2 year old) drawing to the left. The entrance is straight through 2 gates but about in-line with the right side of the circle, and the exit is a full acceleration about 100 yards (total guess).

My original reason for this question was would you come in faster and wide then tighten as you turn (red line) or slow down enough to take it at a constant radius (green line). Thoughts?

But now, I want to add something if you’re inclined to try a bit harder... how does your attack change depending on car?

Personally I am now driving a 2014 Mustang GT, but I asked this when I had my 2011 Mustang V6 and when taking the circle in 2nd gear I had no power upon exit. Also, I mostly did the red line. With my GT, I do the green and I shift down to 1st before the black line entrance. I think just taking it slow and smooth works really well and then I pull through to 3rd gear for the finish of the lap at about 80mph.


If you don’t have a high hp, rwd, live rear axle, rocking/rolling, tank... would you do it differently?

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