Since it won’t let me comment there here is what I was going to add....

This is a decent list but it’s missing some cars that enthusiasts seek... or can afford lol. For example you have the JZX90, aka Toyota Chaser or Mark II or Cresta. Basically a car with a 1JZGTE that has as much power as a MKIV supra but with less weight. Very popular car for a circuit build or drifting as well.

Toyota Mark II, imo best looking car of the JZX90 era.

You have the Euro E36 M3, I think that is one huge miss. Though I think the Chaser has the better drivetrain. You could also go for a BMW M5 Touring.


The 155 Q4 is a decent pick but if you are expecting an evo or an easily tunable car pass on it unless you have serious wrenching skills. You won’t find many tuners that know the car in the US. The first Lan Evo is a great one for sure, WRX doesn’t come into it’s own until the STI era. The late version of the JDM Galant VR4 is as potent as the LanEvo but a bit heavier and bigger. You can also get the first Twin Turbo V6 version of the Galant VR4 in 2017.


“Evolution” GVR4 is identifiable with hood vents like you would have on the first LanEvo. Makes the same 260hp with the 16G turbo and is beefier than the USDM GVR4.

That Autozam you will not be able to find but you can find the Suzuki Cappuccino which has the same engine. You also have the Honda Beat as an option.


How do you get to the engine on this?

If you want to drop $40k on a car you can get an Alfa Romeo RZ which is the ugliest sports car ever made yet still being all kinds of cool. Could bring to a Cars and Coffe and get crowds like a Ferrari would get. Though i’d rather have the much more attractive and faster RX7 Type RZ, a light weight version of the RX7 that is about 100lbs if not more lighter than the USDM version.


Later Type RZ, best looking car of the 90s IMO that isn’t a supercar. I drool looking at this.

Familia GTR has been available for a few years It’s not new for 2017. This year starting around august you could have been importing a ST185 RC as well. Which is the high spec Celica GT-Four.


2016-2018 is when all the best stuff is going to become legal to import. The later stuff is just slightly upgraded (or downgraded) versions of cars released during this period then desirable to import cars decreases dramatically after that aside stuff like the Clio V6.