Ford claims the system provides "class-leading corner speed, limit handling and a unique drift capability".

The Autocar article has some good pictures that I can't link and that money quote regarding the torque vectoring AWD. It gets better as it goes.

Ford says this "virtually eliminates understeer" and lateral grip in excess of 1g is possible. Ford also says the system helps to "provide neutral and adjustable limit handling and the ability to achieve controlled oversteer drifts at the track".

Comparing this engine to its Mustang progenitor.

The transmission and clutch have also been uprated to cope with levels of torque that are confirmed only as "increased" over the Mustang's 320lb ft. Current reports suggest as much as 340bhp could be possible from the engine.


Head over for the details and the photo gallery. They are small pictures, but very important. The most important one shows the button that turns off the traction control. No digging through menus, just hit the button.