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Autocross classing fail

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Graphic: SCCA (Fair Use)

I really wanted to run the car in STU under the catch-all since all the light modifications I’m going to do to make it more safe and usable on track will fit into ST regs.


But the SCCA tech gods said no in their recent news release.


So basically as soon as I touch the car it gets bumped into ASP. And I don’t want to start a ritual money fire to celebrate the race tire gods. So that would put me into XSA, which is an exhibition class and a pretty brutal PAX since the modification envelope is basically unrestricted (essentially SM on 200TW tires).


STAC gave the finger to Cayman owners being able to run ST in the same meeting as well. Sounds to me like they need something above STU for lightly modified AS/SS cars.

tl;dr: Autocrossing isn’t very friendly to fast street cars if you can’t get into CAM.

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