Not the driving... the attempting to be an enthusiast. My goal yesterday (my first time) was to spin out once, drive clean, and improve over the course of the day. I succeeded in all those points, throwing only one cone all day, and I saw a 2-second improvement twice over the course of the ten runs yesterday. I walked the course twice, went through at an easy pace with instructor the first time to make sure I could follow the cones, and set my course of gradual improvement. And yet...

I understood the course better after watching the folks in the second heat go through. I also realize (now) that I wasn’t anywhere near the limits during my runs. I need to start thinking about more speed into harder braking, and how “smooth” doesn’t mean “easy and graceful.” Trouble is, the next event is two months away... and I’m not a very patient person. And most regular autocross events here have only eight runs; yesterday was ten because of the low turnout due to early rain, and still felt short. Thankfully that next event is a school, which means both more improvement and more (20+) runs.

Here’s the chart of penalty-adjusted runs in C class (mine) together with D. The Evo was driving sloppy until the last two runs, where he really pulled it together, comparatively.

The cadence of the season schedule, and the fact that I can anyway go to a couple events per season due to other factors in my life, leaves me wondering if continuing to do this makes any sense. My instinct is to continue the steady improvement, and I know that I can expect to learn a lot at the school. I feel like I’ve consigned myself to a sport of frustration, though, if I can only do this for a combined 20 minutes or so per year.


What I really enjoy, is to go out on the backroads at two in the morning, and soar like a bird at 7-8 tenths. No need for hard braking and at-the-limits maneuvers, just graceful momentum cornering and VTEC squirts from one turn to the next. Unfortunately that translates into 15-20 over on these roads, and Officer Friendly does not approve. Maybe I should have gone out for an MG... Also, black bears in the road. HPDE’s are out because too much money, i.e. attendance plus track insurance.

Sigh. Thanks for sharing in my venting! Anyone have a similar (or very different) experience?