First autocross with the new car was... alright. The course was honestly garbage. Far too tight, and I’m saying that as a Miata owner. A soon as you’re able to get any speed some ridiculous sharp corner comes up and kills your fun. On the plus side, there was a slick spot in one of the corners I got some decent oppo in every time. You can see in this video at 0:32 shit gets hektik, yo.

Fourth run. 75.718, no cones.

Fifth run. Gopro mounted to the nose of the car. Can hear the engine really well. 75.337 and 1 cone

2nd run. 76.914…

1st run. 78.169.

And now some pictures, taken by my girlfriend.

These lil caterpillers were crawling around all over the place. So cute.



These things are so pretty.

This mitsubishi was the most violent sounding car I’ve ever heard. Sounded like a pissed off woodchipper out for INFANT SOULS


We even had the front porch.


JayhawkJake Mk II: Electric boogaloo.

This guy terrified me.


Stock NB Miatas sound like goddamn blowdryers. No exhaust note audible. Horrid.

Just chilling #nofilter