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Autocross results came in

I'm pleasantly surprised considering how poorly I thought I drove. I ran in G-Street and had the fastest time in class by 3 seconds, beating out 2 GTI's and a Ponitac Grand Prix. I know it was one of the GTI drivers first times though, and I suspect the other one was new to AutoX as well, so I'm sure I shouldn't have been the fastest.


The pleasant surprise comes from the STO-4 (street tire open, 4 cylinder) class. This was what I had originally signed up to run as I don't think my car technically qualifies for GS with my modifications, and I actually would have come in second (first if I didn't hit cones on every run)

With the adjusted timing (PAX) I came in the middle of the pack, which isn't bad at all for my 3rd ever autocross in a not so fast car on an off driving day. Hopefully next time I can stay in second gear the whole course and avoid the least I didn't come in last....


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