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Autocross Season Again!

No more wistfully looking at C5 Z06s, it’s time this Saturday to drive the GTI to its limit! However . . .

I just looked at the advance registration, and all of the drivers that gave me a good challenge (and almost always beat me) have moved to different cars and classes for this first race. I won my class (G-Street) for the year overall last year by being fast enough and showing up more often, but I had hoped to continue to improve this year and really feel that I earned it, while also approaching it as a fun exercise since these folks generally were faster than me.


That said, the other two currently signed up may still show how slow I can be. One is driving a 2006 GTI, and one is driving a 2017 Honda Civic Si, which I haven’t been up against yet, and should be a competitive car if the driver has some skill.

We’ll see! I’m putting miles on my wife’s car this week, so I put the race wheels on the GTI on Tuesday night (usually wait until Friday) and I’m going to leave work at lunchtime to help set up the course tomorrow, so I am much excite.


Also, I put on a new, bigger rear sway bar over the winter, and hopefully I’ll get the rotation that I’m looking for on course now. And maybe my tripod/lift-of-inside-rear-wheel will be more dramatic.

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