Autocross season is here again!

This will be my third year autocrossing the Corvette. What cars are you guys racing against cones? I usually finish mid-pack among the Miatas but the big engine means I compete in a pretty fast class. I’m not really a threat to anyone and really just race for fun.

You’d think the Corvette would drive like a truck but it actually handles pretty well out there. The biggest limitation is that the steering is slow and heavy. Lots of hand-over-hand is required. The balance of the small block cars like mine is 49/51 so they’re actually a smidge tail heavy. Because of this they rotate very well.


Another asset is that first gear goes up until about 55-mph so I really don’t have to shift it around the course. I just leave it in first and focus on driving. The suspension has a fair amount of roll for modern standards but really nothing obscene for an old car. Mine has a big-block suspension underneath it so it’s pretty stiff.

Anyways I can’t wait to get out there this season! First event is in two weeks.

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