Autocross the first

FINALLY made the connection for my first autocross, courtesy MotorSports Northeast at MetLife Stadium. I was in the first run group, which was a double disadvantage. There was a final blast of rain during registration, and the track mostly dried over the course of the first run, so we ran in the wet. I also learned a bit more watching the second run group while I was on course duty, and I ran a better-informed fun run afterward that felt quicker than the real runs — though it was also faster because the pavement was dry, of course.

My goal was to spin out exactly once, and I accomplished that on a tight decreasing-radius turn. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my all-season tires, as I couldn’t quite tell when they were ready to give up grip. By the end of the event I was more ready to accelerate a little harder and brake later.


I ran a bunch of the course in first gear, because it was a pretty tight and low-speed course to better accommodate the conditions, and second gear would have put me in the torque dungeon at the bottom of the tach. Dat VTEC, though... I rarely spend much time there on the street.

The biggest surprise involved doing cone/radio duty. We had to radio in to the timing booth when a car displaced a cone or went off course, but it was unclear as to which station had responsibility for some of the cones, so there were a couple scrambles and missed calls.

I enjoyed it, but I’m looking forward to next time even more, when I can implement more of what I learned, earlier. And hopefully we’ll have better conditions! The next event is an autocross school.

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