So I bought a small 850lb Harbor Freight trailer a while back so I can haul my autocross tires to the track. I swapped out the incandescent lights for LED's (brighter, less strain on my car's electricals) and added some driveway reflector stake things so I could see backing up (the trailer is so small it is invisible behind the car otherwise)

Here's its first outing

The other day I finally got around to mounting a storage box on it so I can also use the trailer to haul my tools/jack/jackstand/etc, as well as a wood "pad" I guess(?) for the wheels to sit on, and some some tie-down eyelets.

Wood mounts take the weight of the box


Box bolted to the trailer frame with some U bolts



Added some eyelets and a piece of wood for the tires to sit on instead of sitting on a thin metal lip

Finished product: