Ran the car again at a SFR event on saturday. Way better this time, worked on cutting distance and being a bit smoother on my throttle control. Still have to work on being smoother, but overall I feel like I am starting to get a handle on this car. I had our local mustang/cobra hotshoe(and i believe Nationals champ) Dan Pellow, drive a run with it- he cut about 2 seconds off my previous fastest time. I watched his line and took some pointers. Must have really helped, because my next run was actually a tiny bit faster than his run(granted it was his first time in a s550 mustang). Still pretty happy with the outcome. The run would have put my second in FS (it was during the afternoon fun runs, so didnt count for indexing...although its off-season anyways), behind a phenomenally fast driver in a c63.

Cant wait to get some re71โ€™s and some camber and actually have some grip!