This was a Method Racing wheel and Yokohama slick formerly used by one of SRT USA’s GRC cars. It’s supposed to be skookum as frig. It met it’s death today at the hands of a heavily modified 1st generation Legacy in its 20th run of the day. Never seen a wheel fail like this outside of a big hit in a rally environment.


This awesome HiAce showed up during my morning runs. I want one. When my run group started their afternoon runs I took the opportunity to hop in the Exocet which is run by one of the regulars. It’s a stock 1.8 from an NA with slicks and it blew my mind. This thing was in a completely different league compared to my little Mini. I need one.

As far as my results went this was the best autocross I have ever driven. From the very first run of the day the car felt perfect and was fast. Every run I did became my new best run ever (except the 3rd run. I hit a cone on the 3rd run). Runs 3-10 I was putting in consisteint times in the mid 56s range. This left me 2.4 seconds of the pace of my class which didn’t really bother me. I was 6+ seconds off the rest of my class last weekend and both drivers have much more experience than I do and they also have much better tires than me. My 11th run was after they had to go recover the 3 wheeled Legacy and was a throw away at 57.5 because I forgot to turn my traction and stability control back off after turning the car off. My final run though was magical. Last ditch effort, maximum commitment, nothing left on the table (apparently at one point I had my left rear tire 3 inches off the ground. Not sure if I believe that. It was certainly off the ground but I don’t think it is possible to get 3 inches of lift with 500TW tires and stock suspension). I had the perfect run and managed to drop 1.2 seconds off my previous best to get down to a 55.2 and climb to just over 1.2 seconds to the class lead (I believe it was 1.206 but I forgot to get a picture and the full results aren’t available online yet). I am really happy to end my season after just 3 events and be within an event or 2 and a decent set of tires of winning my class. Here’s hoping I don’t get super rusty over the winter.

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