Autocrossing Happiness and The US Navy's most insidious problem

Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from Wednesday and Thursday. It includes cone killing joy, US naval ship classifications, Senna's lasting effect and a defence of the Kaidō racer.

Auto-crossing with Ender: Happiness - daender


What is your definition of happiness? What keeps you driving in the early morning, so early the sun has yet to rise, on a Sunday you could spend sleeping in after a busy and stressful week or studying for finals? Why do you keep coming back every month to beat on your car in competition even though you stand little chance of taking first? Are you having fun yet? Read more…

The US Navy's most insidious problem might be one of semantics - NotInDetroit

Here's a fun fact: back in the 1970s, US Navy admirals were quivering in their black shoes over a perceived "cruiser gap" between Us and the Soviets. As you probably put together by yourself, the Soviets simply had more cruisers than we did. However, this didn't take into account the USN's classification of a "frigate" - ships that were smaller than what were considered "cruisers" at the time but often only marginally less well armed and in a few cases (most notably the California and Virginia classes) even nuclear powered (the Virginias in particular were actually among the largest non-aviation combat vessels commissioned by the USN in the postwar period, and were the most powerful vessels on the registry at the time of their commissioning). This realization gave these admirals an extremely effective yet simple solution - reclassify these "frigates" into "cruisers." Boom, cruiser gap eliminated! Read more…

Ayrton Senna, Immortality, and Me - Jonny Edge


I was only 6 years old on the 1st of May 1994. Not really old enough to understand much, but old enough to observe, and old enough to be impressed upon. I don't remember much about the weekend, but I remember quite clearly what little of the race I got to watch. Read more…

In Defense of the Kaidō Racer - Raphy

What is bosozoku? Bosozoku is a type of car modification originating in Japan sometime in the 1980s. The term literally means "reckless gang" and is used more often outside of the car community to refer to the semi-yakuza youth subculture. The bosozoku frequently drive these cars and similarly modified motorcycles, which they are better known for. I suppose one could compare it to the American 1950s greaser subculture. Read more…


Launch Control 2.2: Pastrana's Return - Driving Sports TV


In this episode of Launch Control, the Subaru Rallycross Team prepares for the first event of the Redbull Global Rallycross Championship season with a day of testing in Atlanta. X Games Gold Medalist Bucky Lasek cooks up a home-grown shrimp dish. Plus, Travis Pastrana returns to the Subaru Rally Team USA in very much the same state as he left it: nursing an injured leg. Now teamed with 5-time Rally America Champion David Higgins, he kicks off his 2014 return to rally at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Read more…

2014 WorldRX Round 1 Preview: Montalegre, Portugal - Hoccy

Montalegre in Portugal hosts the first round in a World Rallycross Championship ever. This coming weekend the long awaited action starts with a bang on one of the more open tracks of the season. With a length of 1520 meters and a width of 10 meters things can still get quite tight here. Read more…


I Suddenly Want A Spyker - TwinCharged


This is a C8 Aileron. It costs £194,000 or about US$328,000. That's more than a Ferrari 458. And a McLaren 650S. It has 400bhp, which as you can gather, is less than both the Ferrari and McLaren. According to the internet and YouTube videos I've scrutinised, I also gather that its driving dynamics are not on the same level as the Ferrari and McLaren. Some may even say it is not particularly attractive - that big front grille is too fish-like, those side vents are too bulbous and those headlights are too glitzy. Read more…

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - an SUV I wouldn't mind owning - BaconSandwich

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite. I'm usually the first one to point out the uselessness of most SUVs. They are big, ugly, hard to see out of, expensive, and guzzle gas. That is, until, I came across this. Read more…


This 560HP Caprice Brougham Is The Ultimate Sleeper - TheDailyTurismo


Forget everything you know about turbocharged Civic hatchbacks being sleepers, because this 12 second Caprice Brougham will blow your socks off and then buy you a steak dinner. Read more and also check out The Ultimate VW Squarechero For A Ron Paul Fanatic.

Best of Live and Let Die-Cast! (Twitter & A Photography Contest!) = Jeff Simmons

In this edition we have some incredible photography, an upcoming contest, a vintage newsreel about Stirling Moss, great discussions, customs, an OFFICIAL Twitter account, Hot Wheels Exchange Program trades, and, of course, the HAWLS. Read more…


15 Foot Inflatable Toilet; The Oppositelock Review - thebigbossyboss


As part of whatever PETA regularly does, they brought a 15 foot inflatable toilet to Canada's parliament to protest the seal hunt. Although I do condone peaceful protest, I do not support PETA in any of their endeavours in any way shape or form. I support the right of Canada's Northerners to feed and clothe their families…and support Canada's ethical, responsible and environmentally sound seal hunt. However, when you learn there is going to be a 15 foot inflatable toilet….well, you're going to check it out no matter whose protest it is a part of. Read more…

Volkswagen G91 Ford Pocus ST1 Mazda LaSpeed3 - VincentvanCabrioW

After reading this title you might think that my Chihuahua stepped on the keyboard while I wrote about hot hatches, or whipped cream fell on the computer and I tried to clean it. But no, the title is what how I portray the 3 highest competing hot hatchbacks with the 3 highest competing Hyper-cars. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


B. Body Burnout shared more photos from the NYIAS. Jobjoris met a lovely 1600ti. Audi For Life attended Portland C&C. Trmoore09 bought an e46 M3. LappingLuke posted more video from an autocross. Bullitt Ride got his ITB setup set up. BiTurbo228 made progress on his Spitfire. TokyoBayAquaLine rendered some cars. Velocity attended another memorial meet. CounterTorqueSteer spotted a neat classic around DC. BiTurbo228's metal rose sculpture got him laid, probably. Cletus44 went to the Beijing Auto Show and saw a pristine Mustang Cobra II. Jay Lauer bought a l̶a̶w̶n̶m̶o̶w̶e̶r̶ S2000.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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