Want to change your oil? Tune your car? Upgrade the suspension? Seems like they are trying to prevent you from doing any of that.

I posted this on Grassroots Motorsports but people there are so slavishly conservative most of them supported this line of thinking. I am politically unaligned, I pick what issues I enjoy the most which are both left and right wing and vote accordingly, but some people just see “oh I agree with less taxes” and just buy into ALL of the ideology. Even car enthusiasts nodding their heads in agreement to not being able to touch their cars because the pillars of good who can do no wrong corporate overlords say they want it.

These idiot companies are too interested in defending against perceived slights over appealing to what their customers want or expect. This is the same logic that defends premium channels and cable companies despite netflix making 90 billion dollars or whatever obscene sum. Comcast would rather lose profit and have their shows pirated because there is no ease of customer use and refusal to modernize. Same with companies like Ubisoft for video games, loading things up with DRM. They keep trying to load their hit up with DRM but people still pirate their games don’t even see it because the crackers remove it, the DRM just makes it more complicated and annoying for their actual customers. They are idiot companies. They are totally backwards in thinking and people of the younger generations EXPECT different behavior. Any company with recent success follows a modern business model like this. A business model of making their product easily accessible to ALL their customers and doesn’t try to limit them at every corner. There is a comparison in virtually every industry.

Subaru, for example, has open source tools out (they didn’t make obviously) and their cars have exploded in popularity the past 15 years or so. Their sales didn’t crater losing all the R&D money. They are popular in enthusiast circles, and they even support enthusiasts at times and always have. The logic that these mods and tuning cuts into profits is the most idiotic i’ve heard. A car that is popular, and modded, builds a companies reputation with enthusiasts and increases visibility and sales which also helps to sell other cars in the brand.

I will never get people like that or these companies that behave in this manner. I will say one thing, if Ford or GM makes it so they start pursuing cease and desist orders against enthusiasts and aftermarket I will never buy another product from them again and it will KILL the american car tuner scene and/or bring much delight to Chrysler.