I’m getting tired of constantly reading about how FCA is “in trouble” and how companies like BMW and Mercedes are “great”

Well here’s a dose of reality:

In reality, FCA is doing fairly well so far this year... up 9% YTD... which is better growth than ALL the other large automotive groups.

Yeah, they’re hurting on the smaller car front. But they’re selling many other things that earn them a lot of money.


Yeah yeah... Sergio is looking for a merger. But I attribute that more to him looking for a Golden Parachute than the company actually being in trouble. He also knows he has to develop more EVs, hybrids and better small cars... but doesn’t want to spend the money.

But that’s not the same thing as FCA being in trouble.

Anyway... based on what I see, I’d say that VW (with the diesel scandal and other issues), BMW (especially the Mini brand) and Mercedes (with Smart) are in far greater trouble than FCA. Mazda is hurting too. Aside from the CX-3 and the MX-5, everything is down for them.


Mitsubishi is still in a sad state... The Mirage is now outselling the Lancer. That might sound good on the surface, but I doubt Mitsu makes more money selling a Mirage instead of a Lancer. And they sold ONE i-MIEV. ONE. If it’s one vehicle that is pathetically uncompetitive, it’s the MIEV. Even with it’s relatively low $23,000 base price, with only 62 miles of range (EPA rated), it’s still way too much money. You’re better off with a used Nissan Leaf... which also isn’t selling all that well.

Once the Chevy Bolt and the Tesla Model 3 go on sale, unless they get a big update, cars like the Leaf and MiEV are gonna get killed in the market.


Apparently a new Leaf is coming out in 2017 and a bigger battery is available for 2016.

Toyota Prius sales are also taking a hit... but paradoxically, Toyota Tundra sales are down too.


And another odd thing... the Scion brand unit sales are up over 50% mainly due to the Scion iA (Mazda 2 clone) and the iM(Matrix in a Scion costume). Not bad for a brand that has been given the ax.

Oh and they sold 97 Mirais!!! The hydrogen car has arrived!!! I’m looking forward to how it does in the real world. I’m anticipating it will fall flat and will be a failure in the long run. But still... it’s one hell of a technical achievement. Though if Toyota gave me one for free, it would still be a glorified paperweight to me as I have nowhere nearby to refuel it.


And of course Tesla is up big time... for a total of 9300 units YTD. And that was aided by them being able to ship 1800 Model X units last month. 1800 high-priced Signature series Model X units... selling for $132K to $144K... looking forward to the next quarterly financial report.

Given I own some TSLA shares, I’m pleased that the Model X is finally ramping up... along with the Model 3 shaping up to be an instant hit...