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Hey Oppo, it’s been awhile. Remember me? I see a lot of new names here. Hope all is well in Oppoland. Most of you know I run a business where I help folks buy cars, and now I need your help. You all know cars, and many of you know how to buy them. So here is an opportunity to make some money.


Ok before I get into the details I need to get this part out of the way - This post has nothing to do with my work as a writer on Jalopnik. Working with me is not a gateway to being a Jalop writer. This position is exclusively for Automatch Consulting.

During some months I have the very good problem of having too many clients and not enough hours in the day. So I’ve started taking on some agents, as I call them, to help out with some of the client load.


This is a part-time, freelance position on an as-needed basis. But if you spend your free time researching vehicles and/or helping family and friends score deals on car purchases this could be a way to make some money on the side.

I am looking for agents for two positions, the pay rate is $25/hr.

Shopping Agent- You will shop new, used, or lease deals for up to two vehicles. I will give you the location and the details. A Shopping Agent will be expected to contact dealerships, negotiate price, and report back to me with the details of the best offer(s). Agents will be paid based on a six hr rate. That means if the work gets done in three hours, the Agent gets paid for the full six. Conversely, if the deals take you longer than six hours, Agents only compensated for that time. Some deals are fast, some take a bit longer. On average it should take a skilled Agent under six hours per deal.


Dealership sales experience is a plus but not required for Shopping Agents. If you are currently in dealer sales and are looking for some supplemental income, you are welcome to apply and I can arrange deals where they are not a conflict of interest for your current position.

Survey Agent- Part of my service entails helping people pick what car to buy. I send my clients a detailed questionnaire and then analyze the results. Agents will be expected to take analyze the customer needs, budget, preferences, and lifestyle. Then locate up to five vehicles that would be good prospects to test drive. Agents will provide links to current vehicles in dealer inventory along with short commentary as to why the vehicle would be a good match.


This position is great for someone who loves to research and make suggestions to folks.

Each survey takes about one hour to complete. Again if an Agent gets the work done faster they still get the full hour, but the inverse also applies.


If you are interested please submit to the form here. Please do not send me an email. I get about a billion of those a day, it will likely get lost.


Tom is a contributing writer for Jalopnik and runs He saves people money and takes the hassle out of buying or leasing a car. (

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