Automation Build: GT350 Flat Plane V8

My best guess at what it'll be, assuming it's somewhat Coyote based.

I'm using Automation. It's an awesome game/simulator for building engines and cars. After seeing the reveal of the new GT350 I had to try and figure out the 5.2l FP V8 on Automation. So here goes:

Base Coyote specs:

- 92.2mm x 92.7mm Bore and Stroke

- 11.0:1 Compression Ratio


- 7000rpm redline

435hp@6500rpm 400lbft@4250rpm

Automation has limits for what it can adjust. For example I was able to change the bore and stroke, compression ratio, exhaust setup, cam aggressiveness, AFR, fuel octane ration, and redline. There's tons more that will come into play with the actual engine like head porting/flow, intake plenum length, and more, but here's what I've changed in this simulation:

- 93.7mm x 93.7mm Bore x Stroke (for the extra 0.2l)

- More aggressive cams

- 11.2:1 Compression ratio

- Premium Fuel

- Cold Air Intake

- Headers w/dual 2.25" Outlets

- 8200rpm redline

The results:


I think we'd all be happy with that. It'll be interesting to see how close this is to the real thing.

For more info on Automation, check them out here:

Photos from Google Images and Myself


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