Inspired somewhat by the Honda S660 Kei car, I opened up Automation built the GT-K RS, a quite sporty Kei car and one of my first Automation creations I’m truly satisfied with. The GT-K RS meets all the qualifications of a Kei car, while still being sporty. It’s got a naturally aspirated 660cc 3-pot boasting 63.3 hp @ 7400 rpm and 49.5 lb/ft @5200 rpm, and the whole thing comes in an attractive, sub-ton, aluminum-bodied package featuring multilink rear suspension and double wishbones in the front. The GT-K scoots to 60 in a relatively impressive 11.3 seconds and tops out at 119 mph. Oh, by the way, it gets 62.3 mpg. I’m very proud of this one.