I have 2 friends looking to get new cars soon, both in their late 20’s. Live in LA, pay rent, have jobs, one’s got a more reliable and higher paying one than the other but neither are going to be buying new cars. One likes cars but wouldn’t read a website about them regularly, the other is more of a novice with a history of cheap, unreliable automobiles that die after like 6 months.

So I went with my friend to the Kia lot and all the salesman wants to talk about before models or color or anything else is financing. Oh my god, the financing! It’s like literally “You should set this up so you lease it through us first and then get on a payment plan with us after.” He literally said that without any prompting. He didn’t even want to talk about the car. Any questions about anything found a way around to financing or us talking to the finance guy.

So is there a website or Jalopnik post or something I can find that gives a layman information on the different types of automotive financing and what the traps are? What the present subprime auto loans crisis entails? My friends are smart guys, but we all need better info on this so no one gets a terrible deal. A basic primer on dealing with dealership folk would also be helpful.