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I have a goal to own a different vehicle for every day of the week. Will they be anything expensive and interesting? Mostly not. Anytime soon? Well retirement is 40 years away, and all financial gurus say that is no time at all.


The point of this is to challenge myself with care and upkeep. I was raised that it isn’t about what you own but how long you’ve owned it and the level in which you have cared for it. I’m a very proud owner of a very clean 100k mile Kia Amanti on 20s, and a 4x2, 5.7L Grand Cherokee. Both vehicles I researched and searched for in the exact specifications (exterior, interior, technology, and drivetrains). The Amanti took 7 months to find while the Grand Cherokee took 11 months.

The Amanti is what made me a car enthusiast (I’ll write that article eventually). I did consider selling it since the internet comments made me embarassed. But then I remembered Im an adult and can do whatever the fuck I want in order to keep my sanity and happiness. I feel great looking and driving both vehicles and honestly the reactions I get are far better than I would have guessed because the vehicles “fit” me.


I had a Kia Rio that I would have kept as well, but I didnt start caring for it until the last 1/3 of it’s life. I regret not doing a better job with that vehicle. I’m learning Oppo, and that’s the real goal.

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