Automotive happenings

I’ve had a busy week with a lot of automotive related things happening.

1. I got to drive this car...


Well, probably not this exact car, but a retired stock car that was painted like it. I finally got to use my Christmas present and did the Rusty Wallace Experience around the Milwaukee Mile. I only had 8 laps and it goes by fast, but it was a blast. I was one of the faster cars out there though as I passed 3 cars in my first 4 laps and was only passed by the pro drivers giving ride-alongs. I was kind of bummed though that they didn’t let me by the last guy for some reason. My last 3-4 laps I was stuck behind a guy. If you haven’t done these before, there is a spotter that gives you directions and you DO NOT pass unless told to. Not sure why I wasn’t given the go ahead to pass that guy though for 3-4 laps. Either way, it was still awesome. I’ll post some pictures of my own once I get them from my friend who took them on their nice camera.

2. I may have found a matching cap for my truck on craigslist, the guy is super slow about responding though. It takes a day or two for him to respond to each text or call (he hasn’t answered yet so I’ve only been able to leave messages).

My truck sans cap

3. I went to Farm and Fleet to buy a scissor jack and tire wrench for my new truck since they did not come with it. Ended up buying this floor jack instead since it was on sale. It was only $5 more than the scissor jack ($25 vs $20) and I will be much more comfortable changing a tire with that. I was pleasantly surprised.


4. The brakes on my wife’s car decided to start screeching...I knew the brakes needed to be replaced soon but was planning on doing them after her sister’s wedding this week since things are crazy busy right now. Bought pads, took apart the front to find the rotors are shot. There was still pad left, but the rotors were grooved like crazy, and apparently no one turns rotors any more so off to NAPA to get new ones. Still need to do the rears tonight.

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