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Automotive Irony, 4/5/16

Nothing too major. Just a little observation. As we all know, the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, has garnered a sizable amount of controversy throughout his presidential campaign. Mainly due to his many opposing views of many things, like his favorite word to say: not fired, but China.

The Chinese, contrary to Trump’s constant word, loathe the real estate mogul. But there’s something that comes quite close that they enjoy and are very much proud of. Trumpchi.


Now I know this is a Chinese word, but it still has ‘Trump’ in it, so it kinda counts. Now Trumpchi is a Chinese automaker, producing cars under its parent company, the GAC Group. They produce a full line of cars that seem pretty well built to be Chinese. I think our iPhones kinda gave Chinese factories a little sense of craftsmanship, don’t you? Albeit, some of the models’ interiors are prone to the cursed Far East Automotive Industry trend—copycatting.

This is the interior of the Trumpchi GA3. Looks oddly familiar? (Image courtesy of that red watermark over there)
Thought so.

Maybe I’m just nitpicking. But yeah, China, do you still want to drive a Trumpchi now that it might become a symbol of hate? Chi? I’m not funny.

Night, Oppo.

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