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Good evening Oppo,

As many of you know, I made a huge life decision a few months ago to move to Toronto, Ontario with the intention to advance my career. Today, I’ve decided to leave the position I moved for to chase a career in the automotive industry, to follow my passions and ultimately my happiness.


I’m not one to normally ask for help but I’ve learned a lot from a position that wasn’t the right fit. I’ve learned sometimes you do need to ask for help. So Oppo I was wondering if I could enlist your help.

If anyone does work in the automotive industry in Ontario or in Detroit and would be willing to help me break into the industry I would be more than grateful. This community has been ever so kind and has helped me through countless life events and I hope I’ve been able to help others as well.


I understand some may not want to identify themselves publicly and in that advent, please email me at

Basics: I come from the startup world, with over half a decade of experience in digital marketing, location based marketing, technical project management, product management and customer success.

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