Also Go Cougs, apparently

I drove that one car around today. Doggo enjoys it with all windows down, bouncing on the highway. I enjoyed myself as well, though I remain plagued with my usual indecisiveness.

The way I see it, I have many extreme options:

1) Have the bare minimum fixed (front suspension), just drive the damn thing.
2) Have a little more fixed (including the AC), have a reliable DD
3) Screw it and do a 4A swap on top of 2)
4) Fuck it all and store it in the garage until I finally get around to it
5) Give up and go back to DDing the longbed
6) Give up and buy something that isn’t $1,800 for a change!

Here are my internal replies:

1) “Could work, but while I’m already spending that kind of money...”
2) “Hmm yes, logically, but how much am I willing to sink into this?”
3) “Well that seems a bit extreme. [clicks recommend]”
4) “No,no,no,no. NO. It deserves better.”
5) “This would be the smartest option, both financially, and emotionally. But we all know I’ll buy something else within a few months and start this whole process all over again!”
6) “I’m trying to save for a remodel here, among other things. I can’t be dropping serious coin on a E91 or loaded T100 right now!”

I have a bonus coming that should be quite tasty, but I’ve been mentioning my bonuses since I first joined Oppo... I always say, “This is the year that I will do X!” And I have NEVER done X. I never treat myself beyond some fancy beer and Cinnabon Pop Tarts. What is wrong with me? Ok, too personal there. But the dilemma remains.


Well anyway, thanks for reading!