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Automotive nightmares

I used to have a recurring nightmare that I was driving down the highway, and hit a patch of ice (or was hit by another car), and went into a spin so violent it pinned me against the steering wheel like Maverick in his F14 flat spin, unable to reach the ejection handles.

Last night, a new one.


I dreamed that a tech at work and I were goofing around at some company outing, and grabbed the keys to a Mazda3 that belonged to a fellow coworker. For some reason I did not (or could not?) buckle my belt, as I began the ride-along as a passenger in the right front seat.

It was fun for a bit, we were driving on the grass, doing donuts, but then he started to pick up some straightline speed. We bounded over a walkway, and started heading for a pond/swamp/lake. I could see the pussy willows standing in the near distance, and as if he could not I shouted out "look out for the swamp!"

It was too late. We went into the water with enough force to blow the airbags, and shatter the windshield. Once again, I was pinned against the dash, unable to move.

My wife said I woke her up, saying I was having a heart attack, and my heart was racing but I was still asleep.


Ugh, never going to forget that dream.... just like the spinning one.

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