After a recent conversation with my uncle, I found out that between the years of 1977 and 1980-ish, my grandfather and him owned a 1977 Ford Mustang II with a 302 V8. Now, even by 1970's American car terms, this car was not fast. as far as I could find it made at best 130hp, before the work my uncle had done to it (according to him, it was fitted with an exhaust and a larger carb that he had sourced in the states. no idea on what exactly the parts were though) My assumption would be that the car made about 160-ish hp when all was said and done. This still means that it was not a very fast car though. But, how does this change when this car is placed in a completely different environment?

(Apparently the car looked a lot like this, but was light blue on the outside)

You see, my grandfather and uncle did not live in the US. In fact, they lived in Yugoslavia, a socialist country where the vast majority of people drove cars that would give walking pace a run for it’s money. The average Yugoslavian citizen drove one of these:

This is a Zastava 750. it was an efficient small car that most people were able to buy and use daily. the thing with it was that it even in top of the line trim, it only made about 32 horsepower. Comparatively speaking, the 302 Stang, with it’s loud exhaust and big engine, was a rocketship! heck, even the “nice” cars you could buy back then, like a Simca 1600, would easily lose to the mustang in performance terms.

So just remember, even if you think your car is slow, odds are it’s pretty brisk in contrast to some other form of transport!