It’s Tuesday (my personal Monday for some reason), raining, I forgot my phone at home, and I have a personal issue that’s bothering me. So to vent I shall complain about car things that annoy me even though they shouldn’t.

THING NUMERO UNO: Direct Injection ticking

This has to be hands down the most bothersome thing about newer cars that makes me want to go nuts for whatever reason. That noise, that ticktickticktickticktick that drowns out any other noise coming from an engine. I hate it. It makes gas engines sound like diesels. All that sound deadening under the hood and it’s still that damn loud?

ITEM B: Door frames that go above the window line


It’s sloppy and looks half assed. Either bring it up to the gutter on the roof or make it blend into the window line. This halfway shit should be rid of all together in our current automotive landscape.

NUMBAH THREE: LED accent lights made out of single separate dots


There are good factory LED accent lights, like Dodge’s racetrack tail lights or BMW’s Halos. Then there are bad ones that look like Autozone kits someone would put on a 2002 Cadillac.

THING D (hehe, D): Light colored headliner in a dark interior


Yeah, yeah, I know it’s there to make the interior appear brighter or whatever. But for heaven’s sake at least make the damn thing grey in a black interior not a insanely light tan. Or just make the whole interior match with a black one because, imo, if you want a light interior get a light colored interior. Don’t make me suffer having a light headliner in my dark interior.

ITEM FĂśNF (FIVE FOR YOU ENGLISH SPEAKERS): Infotainment screens plopped on the dash


It looks bad, last minute, and in the case of the C-Class up there, ruins an otherwise nice interior design (along with that stupid COMMAND controller). Designers for the love of saint nick, stop plopping infotainment screens on the dash like they’re a fresh shit. At least make them pop out of the dash.

SIX-Y: Dual screen infotainment systems


If you’re shoving enough shit into an infotainment system that it needs two screens, you need to remove some shit from said infotainment systems. There’s never a need for TWO touch screen in the center stack of a car.

NUMBER G: Cars with dual exhaust but steel wheels with covers


Not even gonna be general here, totally calling out Nissan with the Altima. What the actual fuck were you thinking a car needs dual exhausts before it needs allow wheels? I’ve never seen a more ass backwards thing. How about taking one of those stupid exhaust tips off, shoving it up your ass, and putting that money towards some engines from this century or fixing that CVT bullshit?

I think that’s enough for today. If any of you have anything automotive related that drives you up the wall for no apparent reason, I’d love to hear it.