I had planned to rent a fast happy-birthday-me car on Turo and enjoy the PCH today. Instead, I had to cancel my vacation day to work. None of the justifications in the world (“if I don’t, it hurts our ability to be around in 6 months”, “I’m a leader and need to be there”, etc) will make up for cancelling those plans. Maybe 30 is when you start making your list of regrets in life. I guess I can still do it again some time.

In fairness, the folks at work were great. My coworker brought me one of my favorite things (a greek salad), another gave me a birthday hug while wearing a bug mask, and my roomate conspired with my mother to get me my favorite cake.

PMJ’s cover of “I want you to want me” feels just right tonight. What automotive regrets do you have? Some PMJ to help you think,