The vehicle you see above is the Infiniti M56. One of the biggest criticisms against this vehicle is the fact that it is so focused on being sporty that reviewers and buyers determined it was “too hardcore” for its segment. Since the 2011 model year, this Infiniti has been around 300 lbs lighter than a comparable BMW 550i (still is by the way). It happens to be the only Nissan car to use the VK56VD. This all natty V8 produces 420hp and 417 lb-ft of torque in the M56, and a bit less in the Q70...and a bit less again in the Q70L version.

Here’s a quick list of everything that currently uses this engine from Wiki:

So we pretty much know this is a truck engine. An engine that was made to motivate 6,000 lb behemoths that was placed into a midsize sedan that is nearly 500 lbs lighter than a Hyundai Genesis Sedan. Not just a truck engine at that, but an engine made with the Nissan Patrol in mind. In this Infiniti midsize sedan, it happens to be the same powerplant as the brand new Nissan Patrol Nismo. Yes, an engine you could get in an executive car since the beginning of the decade just became the top trim of a super dune killing legend that has been adjust for better street performance. Neat!

I’m not saying this bulbous Infiniti is worth your time or some huge automotive enthusiast secret. I’m just letting you know that this vehicle is probably the opposite of what you would expect, and that’s the biggest issue with it. It looks like a soft riding, luxury filled, reliable, hyper beige barge. It is actually a harsh riding, not very luxurious, not particularly reliable, melted body paneled sports sedan that isn’t much heavier than a twin-turbo V6 equipped CTS, and has an engine that is pretty much a more rev-happy 5.7L HEMI. Or maybe it’s more comparable to the 2014 6.2L Chevrolet SS Sedan (the model year without a manual option I believe), except with better fuel economy.


Here is a stock exhaust clip from the refreshed Q70L.

Oh by the way, the 2011 Infiniti M56 has a 7-speed auto that rev matches downshifts, but you don’t get paddles unless you find a Sport model. Not that I recommend one unless you’re gonna stance it (get a V6 model then) or maybe turn it into some type of rally limo...