Had FCA gone ahead with the plan of making the Fiata an Alfa Romiata, we would have recieved 50th anniversary launch editions commemorating 1966 production start date of the original Alfa Romeo Spider. However, since all Alfa’s must be built in Italy, Fiat got the car and avoided breaking the contract with Mazda. It happens that the Fiat 124 Spider also has the same 1966 production start year as the Alfa so I would say this bait and switch was planned since the beginning.

In a nutshell, Sergio screwed over Mazda and we’ll never see these two companies work together on future projects. Which was stupid of FCA since Mazda makes the vehicles they need! Fuel efficient, fun to drive, well thought out sedans and small CUVs. No hybrids or turbos needed! Now Mazda is working closer to Toyota and Sergio killed off his golden goose in order to sell an MX-5 and boost the Fiat brand (which can now sell their cars at any Chrysler dealership, so there will be a convertible next to the Challengers and no need for a Chrysler 200 Convertible).