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The 2010 Aston Martin Rapide has depreciated from over $200,000 to under $80,000. But that 6-speed takes 5.1 seconds to get that 4,300 pound super sedan from 0-60 mph even with the 470 hp / 443 lb-ft of torque producing 6.0L V12. Now the facelifted, 190 mph, 2014 Rapide S with the revised 550 hp / 457 lb-ft of torque producing V12 takes 4.7 seconds (at best) to get up to 60 mph from a standstill.


I only bring up these numbers because it’s going to feel obscenely slow for what it is. I’m talking about around town, on the highway and in parking lots you’ll be great! The 8-speed I think these got for model year 2015 improved the performance astonomically (including a 203 mph top speed) which means those 6-speed cars are going to keep tanking down to $50,000.

That’s the only one that’s depreciating at an alarming rate even by British car standards.

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