Some of you may remember that the second generation of the Hyundai Genesis Sedan (now Genesis G80) was touted for its Lotus tuned suspension. I just wanted to remind you all Lotus also assisted with the suspension tuning for the Hyundai Scoupe (the base models, not the top end Scoupe Turbo). Actually, now that I think of it, Kia has worked with Lotus enough to say they have a Partnership.

Some of you know, shortly after Hyundai asked Lotus to do what they could for the Scoupe, Kia purchased all rights to manufacture the Lotus Elan as the Kia Elan. Kia has also worked with Lotus since the Kia Soul debuted back around 2009. No, Im not about to tell you the Kia Soul has a Lotus chassis your market.

Only UK market Kia models receive adjustments from Lotus. Now I dont know whether this very small technical partnership went past the model year 2010 Kia Soul. The plan was for all Kia models that debuted for the UK market after 2010 to receive the Lotus adjustments.

But remember that most companies use Lotus more for creating predictable driving characteristics (heavy understeer included), staying straight at high speeds, and all the little day-to-day things you take for granted. You know, not using 100% of your suspension travel over speedbumps while having enough compliance that your spine doesn’t feel that torsion bar in back, all while avoiding so much body roll that you can pick up a dime mid-corner.


I always loved Lotus for how much they do for other automakers and they will work on ANY project it seems while delivering what’s asked for, if not more. McLaren had a similar First Tier Automaker-Partner role before they started building their own cars. Lotus has fine-tuned every level of the industry, and anyone that has worked on a project knows that the last 1% of the details is the most difficult and time consuming.