If you’re wondering why no one has been talking about the US launch of the Audi RS3 fear not! The 2017 model year only lasted a few months and was extremely limited. Thankfully, it appears the 2018 cars have started delivery and we should be seeing and hearing that sweet I5 going into 2018.

Why no hatch? While the FoRS and CTR are proving people will spend money on former forbidden fruit there still aren’t enough buyers wanting to throw $55k-$70k on a hatchback to cover even a two year run. But the sedan isn’t so much a “sedan” as an AWD sportscar with rear doors. A subcompact monster with nearly identical pricing and performance numbers to the C7 Corvette. A four-door TTRS which itself is like a pint-sized Audi R8 V10 Plus. Nothing wrong with a pint, mate.