Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from last Friday through Sunday. It includes Miata bros, Stefan Bellof, why the 2014 F1 noses look the way they do and a guide to FIA World Rally Cross.

[infographic] how to find your bro - ToyDeathbot


A little guide to find out where you belong; a partial guide to modern automotive culture as demonstrated by the Miata. Read more…

Possibly The Best F1 Driver Ever, and You've Never Heard Of Him - Trunk Impaired 318

Everyone remembers the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix for Ayrton Senna's brilliant wet weather drive in his rather uncompetitive Toleman to catch Alain Prost's vastly superior McLaren. Many believe that Senna would have won the race had it continued, however, as Im sure at least some of you are aware that was almost certainly not the case. The Toleman team confirmed that Senna had inflicted serious suspension damage to his car while going over curbs at the Chicane du Port and La Piscine, which would have forced him to retire a mere lap or two after the red flag was thrown anyway. However, the race did showcase what many of us believe to be one of the best wet weather drives in all of F1 history. And it's probably true, the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix did showcase what is most likely the greatest wet weather run in F1, only it wasn't Ayrton Senna who drove it. Read more…

Wind Tunnel - The Noses of 2014 - Fractal Footwork


Why do the 2014 Formula 1 noses look the way they do? This edition of Wind Tunnel will walk though the 2014 nose regulations and the subsequent circumventing of those regulations by teams in quest to increase performance and speed. Read more…

#TheRallyTakeover 2014 WorldRX Mega Guide - Hoccy

This year is quite special. Rallycross has always been a popular motorsport in Europe, and the European Rallycross Championship has existed for several decades. However, with rising popularity for this spectator-friendly sport and more attention from racing personalities, this year's championship is the first FIA World Rallycross Championship (WorldRX). With the first round kicking off in Portugal next weekend, it's time for the official #TheRallyTakeover mega guide to WorldRX! Read more…


Is Jaguar The Most Exciting Automaker? - APiDAOnline


Jaguar, makers of such deplorable turds as the S-Type and X-Type just a few years ago, perennial British underachievers since the mid 1970s, are the most exciting mainstream car company with vehicles for sale in the US right now. You may be wondering why I'm making such a bold argument for a company that made such terrible products for the majority of my lifetime. And the answer is simple: Jaguar's lineup is, on a whole, more exciting, sexier, and of higher quality than that of every other company. Read more…

Endurance racing a Tesla - The Transporter

Sprint format racing, such as the SCCA's Pirelli World Challenge, is a natural choice for EVs. The races are short enough (usually no more than 50 minutes) that the biggest Achilles heel of electric vehicles, range, normally doesn't come into play. But the ultimate test of endurance and reliability seems to be just out of reach of performance oriented EVs such as the Tesla Roadster and Model S. Even with the supercharger's impressive 120 kW in 30 minutes, a LMGTE spec Model S race car would still spend about a third of its time in pit lane. That's almost as bad as the Delta Wing. Read more…


Las Vegas in a Jaguar F-Type - Going Places - Ep 1 - FORCORNERSTV


It's 3 in the morning. I hear the alarm, and smile. I've only been asleep for a few hours, but I jump out of bed, grab my bag, and hurry out the door. The clock in my car says it's 3:30 AM. Good, I'm early. It also says it's 3 degrees. I don't live anywhere near Alaska, mind you. Read more…

Why the Golf R 400 Should Remain a Concept - Jonny Edge

It's cool, isn't it? Aggressive, angular, and quite literally ready to go, this is the ultimate beefed up Volkswagen Golf, the angry new "Concept" R 400. However quick, and however cool it may be though, it isn't the concept car Volkswagen should be looking to release. Read more…


I just discovered a neue thing. I present to you, the BMW 3200CS - SmoresTM


This Bertone-styled coupé was produced from 1963 to 1965. BMW produced only 603 of these early postwar era luxury vehicles, and . It was powered by a 3.2 liter twin-carburated OHV V8 engine that produced 160 horsepower, and was mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox. The same V8 engine was found in a less powerful form under the hood of the famed BMW 507.Read more…

On being a car enthusiast with an ordinary car - Have car, will drive

My daily driver is a 2003 Mazda 6 Luxury Sedan: 2.3L four cylinder engine, four-speed automatic transmission. While it holds up its own against its competitors, and could even be regarded as the "enthusiast's choice" amongst its contemporaries, there's no escaping the fact that it is first and foremost a practical mid-size family sedan. And while it's coming on for eleven years of age, it's not even close to old enough to be considered a classic car. Read more…


Welcome to Formula Freak - Fractal Footwork


Formula Freak is the bastard love child of the constant changes in Formula 1 and the need to comment and analyze those changes. Our goal is to provide a new exciting take on F1, whatever that may turn into, by utilizing the attitude, style, and commitment we have all grown to love from Jalopnik. Read more…

People don't mind being lied to - BrownDogWelding

Hot Rod Magazine recently took the not-very-real reality TV stars at Fast N' Loud to task for misrepresenting their "barn find" Pontiacs. Basically the Gas Monkey/Discovery crew says the cars were barn find prototypes that are worth high six figures. The truth according to HRM is that they're production cars(albeit low VIN) that have been in storage and known of for at least a while because they sold a couple years ago for 30k. Read more…


Escape The Zombie Apocalypse With A Zetec Powered Vanagon - TheDailyTurismo


The Volkswagen Vanagon Type 2 (T3) was launched in 1980 as a replacement to the aging VW Transporter (aka Hippie Bus, Kombi, MicroBus) Type 2 (T2). The Vanagon (as it was called in North America) continued the VW tradition of air cooled flat-4 in the back but was a much more modern car. Read more…

What's the deal with German car movies? - Mark Linde

Around 80 million people owning over 40 million cars are live in Manual-Diesel-Wagon Country. And as you know, some of the most important and prestigious car manufacturers are based in Germany. It's said that his car is a German's most beloved child. Economically and culturally the automobile is a cornerstone over here. Read more…


Citroen DS3 155 Pink Edition Review - Zuman Bux


Citroen's multi-award winning DS3 just got a whole lot more hotter and funkier with its new 'Pink' range. So, is the DS3 Pink the ultimate supermini? We spent the thick end of a week with one to find out. Read more…

Rambling Car Reviews: 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX Hatchback - Reigntastic

The Subaru Impreza WRX is a perfect example of everything one could possibly want from a wagon, the particular example I will be discussing today is a Spark Silver Metallic 2008 hatchback. This model came standard with the 2.5 liter EJ255, made complete with an Avo 380/TD06-20G, a forged bottom end, and a few other goodies. This setup is tuned to make 365 horsepower, and 420 torque. Read more…


The Best of the Rest


Twinturbobmw attended C&C Portland. Alex Murel took some photos of his bike. Jus1029 went to Hot Import Nights in Manila. Teisco16 updated us on his TGUS Merkur XR4Ti. Mycarneverruns87 went over his first week of Miata ownership. CrzRsn saw many neat cars. E30Joe went to Boost for Boobies. Doodon2whls spent some time with his VFR. TwinCharged feasted on a Zonda Cinque. Jobjoris got his 2002 Touring back from paint. Louros saw a 430 Scuderia. Luc.A. spotted a GT2RS in Edmonton. EssExTee shared his carspotting exploits. StoneCold started his engine rebuild and tore it down. Pabuuu visited a shady local dealership. Unpredictable_swerve went racing for the first time. MountainCommand attended a Prelude meet. Cherry_man1 won a prize at a carshow. Ramblin Rover saw some Country Squires. IDROVEAPICKUPTRUCK made progress on his racecar. Stupidru got new wheels for his Forester. Quarterlifecrisis went to the Tail of the Dragon. Gizmo attended the SCCA St. Louis Home Opener. LappingLuke won a trophy at his first SCCA autocross. V8Demon took a ride out to Captree. JQJ213 spotted a classic VW van at work. JayhawkJake shared video from autocross. Dusty Ventures and Scott Spears entered a corner a little too fast at ESPR. Velocity went to a memorial. MR2_FTW continued his engine rebuild. Santiago Iglesias took a lot of photos at Barber.

As always, If I've missed something and you would like me to include it, let me know.



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