Sharing my to-do list in the hopes it somehow forces me to do stuff I’ve announced in public (probably won’t work but whatever; it’s the night shift and Oppo’s asleep).

- Get rid of the A4
- Sell the RX-8
- Dismantle my 2 Pajero parts cars
- Do the paperwork for the I6 Bel Air and sell it
- Make the diesel 505 the ultimate daily driver by:

  • Swapping the engine for a spare engine i have lying around
  • Rebuilding the original engine
  • Doing body repairs
  • Removing the engine and preparing for painting
  • Getting it painted
  • Reassembling it
  • Rebuilding the stereo (I was young when I did the install)
  • Adding an AC and cruise control

- Upgrading the Pajero by:

  • Giving it the engine of the intercooled parts car (+10 HP)
  • Giving it the hood of the intercooled car (+500 visual HP)
  • Replacing the original seats (pro tip: S or X-type interiors are comfy, beautiful, and dirt cheap)


- Give the V8 Bel Air even more glory by:

  • Replacing the passenger side floor pan
  • Replacing the carpet
  • Replacing the headliner
  • Adding a bit of sound (driving with a soundbar on the dash isn’t safe)
  • Replacing the weak and ugly chrome alternator

- Restore the V6 505 to former glory by:

  • Thoroughly cleaning it
  • Doing the bodywork
  • Replacing the brake system
  • Replacing the suspension
  • Clean and paint all the rust under the car

I think that’s enough for about 8 months. I really need more time off work.

Pajevo for your time