In yesterday I visited Autosport International in Birmingham. The show was awesome, but I was in low performance mode as I managed to find a flu just before I flew from Finland.

There were a ton of questions that I didn’t ask as I was really tired and sore during the show. I did take +600 photos and I managed find a lot of interesting things.

Here are couple of my photos.


A really big bunch of Gr A racing Sierra RS500's. The larger hall was annoyingly yellow. Probably not all surviving cars but big portion of them in any case.

Sequential gearboxes were well displayed but I can only dream affording those.


Capricorn’s amazing reproduction quad cam 356 engine. I didn’t ask for the price.


Extremely small Tekno K formula with a 250 cc Ducati engine was at the Coy’s auction section.

Visit the show if you can. It’s still open during the weekend.