AutoX Update

Even with only the rear shocks swapped out, the car felt sooooo much more predictable. It’s gonna be so much better when I get the fronts on. I’m also getting much more confident with the limits of the car (and much faster).

Old photo, too busy having fun to ask anybody to take some pics

Some of the cars I was faster than:

2 C4 Corvettes

A Cobra (kit car)

2008 Mustang GT

2017 Challenger Scat Pack

A Porsche 911 (996)


a Chevy Sonic (finally)

Things I was slower than:

A Camaro SS 1LE

2 Brunton Stalkers

A first gen Viper

2 Mini Coopers

A full on race TA

2 WRXs

Several Miatas


some asshole in an Ecoboost Mustang.

Also, my parents came over from STL to watch. I convinced my dad to ride with me, and... I spun. I told him he got the full Bman76 AutoX experience.

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