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AutoXing with a gang of Subarus

I set up and event to get a bunch of local Subarus together to do an autoX event that a local club puts on. This is the second year I’ve done this and this year 9 people signed up.

It was great getting a fun group of people together, we had a whole camp set with a canopy, food and drinks


There was threats of storms but for the most part everything was going great, the wearer was clear and not silly hot. That is at least till the last run group of the second heat when about halfway through it just started pouring rain. The organizers didn’t want to call the event but it was coming down so hard the parking lot was becoming a lake and they soon had to. It was a mad scramble as everyone tried to get out. I was working that session so by the time the event was called off I was already soaked.

Here’s my crew who still hasn’t given up on staying dry. You can see the soaked course in the background too. Since I was already drenched I helped haphazardly chuck everything into the cars before we all hastily departed.

The end was a little rocky, but no one melted and I think we all had a pretty good time.


On the upside my new wheels, tires and alignment work seem to have paid off. Here’s my fastest time of the day which unofficially was the fastest in our class when I ran it in the second heat. Since we all fled I’m not actually sure who won.

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