I havent seen the movie yet, so no spoilers:

“When Elon Thanos obtained the Infinity stones: VW, Toyota, GM, Ford and FCA, he then declared that 50% of the internal combustion cars had to be eliminated, so that Tesla could sell more. Millions of cars, along with some of our heroes, disappeared, turned into ashes. A few heroes remain, planning one last stand for the Internal Combustion Engine - will they succeed?.

VW Phaeton - Iron Man - Overengineered but very powerful

Mitsubishi Spyder VR4 - Black Widow - Elegant, Sexy, Deadly


Saab 9-5 - Thor - This one can put the Hammer down with charm

Suzuki Kizashi - Hawkeye - Still special, Never misses a target . still a hero


Audi TT-RS - The Hulk - Is small, but will beat an R8 0-60 mph