It was raining yesterday at Pearson, and all the way to St. Jacobs. So of course Avis decides to give me a car built in Oshawa with a fabric roof. It’s almost as big as the Challenger next to it, and feels like driving a car the size of an old Cadillac.

It has a HUD, but the wheels and tires are too big, the brakes are too small, the C pillar is way too big, you can’t see out the back unless the top is down, and the ride is not really what you need traversing ON-8 and ON-85 going to St. Jacobs (Way too hard and the roads aren’t exactly glass smooth).

But it is practically new (I think I may be the third renter. Odometer had 1987km on the clock at check out), and practically new Avis cars are better than *better cars* with more rentals on them (because in my experience, although this may just be the places I’ve rented from Avis), since the better cars tend to be more abused.