Heck yes. Long story short, found oil in coolant back in November. The mechanic who was digging around my car, told me it was either the head gasket or the oil Cooler. The oil was in coolant, but the coolant was not in the oil (at least, not enough quantity to be visible while draining it.) That being said, my dad, thinking he knows better then a qualified mechanic who I work with, and knew I was doing the work myself, insists that it’s the oil Cooler, because why would it be only one way?

Anyway I went about tearing it apart in the backshop of the dealership I worked at.

Week passed, lost job for BS reasons, and had to get the car towed out on a flat bed.

Anyway, the original plan was to go all in. Replace the entire head with bigger ports, new cams, new turbo, new valves, and new manifolds. I mean, I’m 18 with no overhead, and at the time was in a job where I was earning just enough to do that stuff.

However, without any money I couldn’t do any of that. So it’s been sitting in my garage since then, and I forgot how to put it back together.


Albeit, I went overboard, thinking I was going to replace just about everything. Here is how the car looked before it left (I did put the wheels back on).

Ignore the caption. This is the best picture I have of it.

But at this point I can’t remember where all the plumbing goes, so I bought the manuals (plus it’ll just be nice to have) At this point, I’m just replacing the oil Cooler and hoping for the best.