So, I work with this fellow who just laid a very interesting statement on me. I will try to relay what he said, word for word:

"I don't like AWD systems because when you get a flat tire and you have to replace a tire, you have to at least replace TWO tires. It will cause the AWD system to fail and that's bad. Mmmmkay?"

I think that is horseshit because unless you have a locked differential, an AWD system is MADE to allow wheels to spin at different speeds, i.e. when you go around a turn and the inside wheel spins slower, etc. My opinion is that 1/4 - 1/2" of tread depth difference on one tire versus its counterpart on the other side of the vehicle is not going to do shit to wear out your AWD system faster. I know that there have been some very descriptive AWD/4WD explanations on here, so I figured it was appropriate to share.

Please share thoughts/opinions/facts/jokes/pokes/smokes.