I saw an infuriating commercial this morning for the AWD Toyota Sienna, in a straight line braking competition (on ice) vs. a Jeep (grand cherokee I think). Of course, the Toyota stopped quicker.

Now, I realize the facts are the facts. The Toyota stopped faster in these conditions. Lower CG? Better tires? Better ABS system? I don’t know. But the commercial was implying that the AWD system was good for snowy conditions by showing a braking test: Look, see how well it STOPS? Buy an AWD Sienna NOW.

And... there you have it. They didn’t explicitly SAY that AWD means better stopping, but this type of ad seriously helps perpetuate that false idea.


I couldn’t find the ad on youtube (no surprise, it’s not very interesting) but here’s the test in question, at about 2:15.

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