The Subaru is the first car I’ve had with AWD, and almost no matter what I do, I don’t lose grip. That said, I haven’t tried finding its limits or anything, but so far it’s only ever lost grip during a rainstorm where I briefly hydroplaned on the highway. I would expect some slippage in wet conditions on old all-seasons, but that was the only time. I’ve never had a car that feels as planted and stable at all times as the Legacy. When I eventually get new tires, I imagine it’ll feel even better.

I can understand why people who are uncomfortable with bad weather and driving in general flock to AWD, it gives more of a sense of a security than I ever would’ve guessed. I like to think I’m a fairly capable driver, that doesn’t need that extra security, and having something that’s this overkill grip-wise for my normal driving feels like cheating.

Even though the extra drive components add weight, decrease fuel economy, and rob some power from the already not super powerful motor, I definitely prefer it to FWD. If given the choice between RWD and AWD however, I’d probably choose RWD. Not in this car, but in, say, a 3 Series or something like that.

This car is also making me want an old manual Impreza or something lighter to play with. There’s a guy who lives on my block that drives a JDM 2.5RS, I think, which sounds amazing and looks like a lot of fun....