[resonators = backs] This one is pretty cool, and it’s going to become cooler once it’s finally put on a banjo. Next time I head to my in-laws, dad and I are going to build a Banjo from different parts. This excites me to no end. Building a banjo? Yes please!

Who will win? The tiger or the hawk?

Granted, not from scratch but we’ll be combining the neck, resonator, the pot, the tailpiece, the machine heads; pretty much mostly everything. The neck hasn’t come yet but it has inlays of a vine along the fret board, and naturally it’s a 5 string neck. And the machine heads (the tuners) will be ebony black. The pot (seen below) is a mastertone style. I played my dad-in-law’s custom built one and it has a nice timbre to it.


The pot. The tone ring (inside) is 6 lbs! That’s pretty heavy imo.

I think this will be a frustrating yet fun build. I’ve also seen bass guitar kits (I play that too) for sale, which also interests me. Lately I’ve been thinking it would be cool to get a electric bass kit and have my two kids paint it, and put there hand prints on it; seal it up, and then use it for performing. I mean, it’s electric, just can always swap out the electrics if the ones it came with are poor quality, right?