one peculiar miata - $3500. This is a really good ad. Not boring but not crazy over the top either. Copied the wording below in case it goes away:

โœ“ doors
โœ“ engine
โœ“ tires
โœ“ brakes
โœ“ windshield
โœ“ bumpers
โœ“ touch screen radio

five speeds to choose from:

1) fast
2) really fast
3) jail
4) state prison
5) federal prison

once driven by kate upton

avoid bumps
avoid humps
avoid speedbumps
avoid speedhumps
avoid inclines
avoid declines

chassis has roughly one lunar distance

finest wal-mart spray paint job

rides smooth when driving on glass

1.6 motor forged from mazda witchcraft

probably more than 100 hp

soft top only leaks when it rains

runs on unleaded fuel and a quick prayer

30 smiles per gallon

new clutch from the ebay gods

springs cut by wolverine

squeaky clean title

call me if you dont want to be boring to the opposite sex and have $3500