If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Awkward moment at a stoplight, let's analyze my post incident strategy

Be me

Be headed to MIL to take care of Chihuahuas

Pull into turn lane waiting to turn to MIL’s street

Be next to B14 Sentra with nice roof rack + understated black 6 spoke wheels and sticky tires.

Driver is young kid (18-20ish)

Kid gives me thumbs up

Be me, feel super awkward because have no reason why he would give me a thumbs up


Give big standard, usual frown and return attention to signal light

Remember that I am driving my FoST with Ray’s 57Xtremes and some other things

Realize I was being a dick because I didn’t think anyone else appreciated my car as much as me


Think, well let me give it a good launch at least

Be me behind Honda Odyssey driven by H1B holder......


Unrelated meme because Mercedes pedal car.

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