Be me

Be headed to MIL to take care of Chihuahuas

Pull into turn lane waiting to turn to MIL’s street

Be next to B14 Sentra with nice roof rack + understated black 6 spoke wheels and sticky tires.

Driver is young kid (18-20ish)

Kid gives me thumbs up

Be me, feel super awkward because have no reason why he would give me a thumbs up


Give big standard, usual frown and return attention to signal light

Remember that I am driving my FoST with Ray’s 57Xtremes and some other things

Realize I was being a dick because I didn’t think anyone else appreciated my car as much as me


Think, well let me give it a good launch at least

Be me behind Honda Odyssey driven by H1B holder......


Unrelated meme because Mercedes pedal car.