Also known as AxelRipper's Underrated Album of 2012 and one of AxelRipper's Reasons For Wanting A C6 Z06. From Dwight Yoakam's Three Pears album. The entire album is pure driving music gold. And there is a good reason for that. There is a good documentary on the making of the album and when they were working on this he would take every new mix, burn it to a CD, then take it out to his Corvette. If it sounded right in his Corvette, it was good enough for the album.

And sure enough, if you've ever cruised around in a C6 Z06 this album sounds like it would just make the perfect soundtrack to a night of cruising around. Every time I listen to it I can just imagine the rumble of an LS7 in the background.

Just damn good tunes.