Blacked out the pony and fixed some bad paint chips.

Used dr color chip for the chips. For how easy it was to use I’m happy with the result on the big stuff. Some really small specs wouldn’t fill even after multiple tries, I might try again some other time with more paint. I got tired of repeating without seeing good results and it’s hot a f in the garage so it’s fine for now.

Here’s a filled in chip. Honestly it works REALLY WELL on big ugly chips. It’s the tiny specs of road rash that didn’t work. I wouldn’t be surprised if the small ones are so small that the paint doesn’t get down in the chip, so it’s just wiping away with the leveler.


Ill admit I’m a bit bummed out by the paint. I pride myself on taking really good care of the paint on my cars, and it’s clear the previous owner didn’t care that much. I’m pretty sure it never saw a hand wash and never had a real wax, which is why there’s so much road rash. You can kinda see the scuffing that probably came from automatic car washes in the reflection of the garage door opener here.

From 10 feet away it looks great, so I’m sure I’m just being anal. Going to try a 2 step polish with a more aggressive cut in a week or two (want to let the color chip paint cure), hopefully that’ll clear it up that little bit more it needs.


Paint aside I fucking love this car. V8 noises are fun and the power is intoxicating. It’s not much faster than the Ecoboost if you’re under 60, but once it gets above 4000 rpm in 3rd it’s a freaking train. 50-90 in 3rd gear is effortless. I can’t wait to autocross it next week and see how I do.